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Nipped up to Coombe Martin on Sunday morning for a bit of light relief.
Had look at the rocky mark on the East side of the bay , but there were a few other guys fishing there already. They'd been there from 0730 and had nowt !!
Nipped over to the West side of the bay and float fished off the path looking out onto the shingle cove .
Took a couple of light spinning rods and float fished some Macky strip at about 6'.
Very pleasant there with a little bit of light rain amidst the sunshine.
Stayed for a couple of hours , but nothing to be had.
Mrs. S had a couple of good bites -float disappearing about 2' under - but not hooking into anything.
I had a couple of ' enquiries' resulting in stripped bait.
Still - a pleasant way to waste a couple of hours and we went up to ' The Pack of Cards ' for a Sunday lunch and a pint of Scrumpy afterwards.
At least I've found a couple of marks to fish other the ' Ilfracombe Pier ' !! :clap3:
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