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Bonefish! Surgeonfish! Goatfish! Jacks! And a Cuda!

I'm always curious on what's going on beneath the waves as the scenes are always changing while i'm fishing. Today i was using Soft Steel's 30lb Stretchable Fluorocarbon with Mustad size#1 Ultra Point Live Bait Hooks for my leaders. A large Bonefish "O'io" was seen sucking in the baited hook but they sensed that extremely sharp hook and forcibly spit it out. Up above the bell ranged loud, now i know why.

Before that strike several Bonefish were curious about the Spydro Fishing UW Camera & were often observed looking at their reflection of the camera's lens. A school of Ringtail Surgeonfish "Pualu" found my dual baited leader and devoured the shrimp baits. Surgeonfish have extremely small mouths for grazing so a #1 hook is too large if you're targeting this species. I found a much smaller #12 works well.

At 2hrs the unit started beeping from low power. I've noticed when this happens it often attracts the higher level predators such as Sharks & Barracudas. Sure enough a curious Cuda found my beeping unit. I really enjoy editing my UW videos at the end of the day. From the surface it may look "dead" out there but there's so much life around that we can't see.



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