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I"ll start with MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!:sun:

What ?

Had to get out fishing so thought to myself i"ll go during the day for a laugh hahaha.
Nipped into Jimmys and somehow managed to get 26 quids worth a bait and steered to Cushendun what ?

Nice sea on and lowlight conditions sorta lol so quickly set two bass rods up and ploinked massive ragworms out, one right in the suds and the other 30 ? yards out.

Then it dawned on me why i fish at night ,,
no escape, Kids dogs women men more kids more dogs more more more,,all around. Steady steady:ahhh:
never again:lmao:

So as any self respecting night angler would do, i hid in my coat:schmoll: and kept myself busy with making rigs and baiting up, changing traces etc lol hood up visor down concentrate on the rods, 6 hours later i was still concentrating on the rods.

Nothing, not even a bite, then the other reason why i go night fishing dawned on me, boy its tough fishing daylight, jeeze its tough:headhurt: Baits did not get nibbled nor did they change in shape nor size between going out
and coming back in. I tried all the old ways twitching the bait,reeling in slow, casting parallel to the beach, up and overs, paternosters, running ledgers,i even tried a three hook flapper mate lol squid rag, frozen blacks fresh yellows,razors, the heap.

My opinion of fishing daylight this time of year has always been,
its awful.
If you where new to the game you"d get well peeved off, rather soon, indeed, aha.

But then again sometimes its good to remind yourself the reason "why" we/you/i fish at night.
Reason A ? boy its tough during the day in April
( on my Antrim coast fishing marks, may not be true for others )

Anyroad the people were mostly all away having there dinner or whatever lol and the light slowly began to fade, so i crept out from beneath my hood and in the space of an hour and a half i had five Flounder, 4 tiny wee geezers and one at maybe a half a pound... and when a girl brought the two wee children over to see a fishy i was happy, it was the biggest i had caught all day:whistling So soon after this i did as any self respecting night angler would do, i shot the crow and headed on home in the darkness..

That"s me and Mr Daylight finished,,i miss the moonshine:p


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Fedstar i thought you had lost the plot , going out during the daytime.:ph34r:. At least you got some vit d into your night time bones:happy:. At least you did not blank which is a bonus. Lets hope the fishing picks up a bit.

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Oh Aye Neill,

Beat the blank, but those flatties must of cost me a tenner each:nerd:
Plus this touroid smile is stuck to my face:thumbs:

Still its all a good laugh.:1a:


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Amen to that brother Jonny:ph34r:

Daylights for the more ? hmmm shall we say ":yawn:normal people"

I like the dark it hides all the horrors of the day,, and is way more sneaky, yesss, my precisisisisissssh..shhhush,:happy:

Nice Eel you jammy night devil you ,, Jonny Hey,, i will be needing some pointers:doh:

Mark... free from the day:wave:

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Daylight fishing, next you'll have sunglasses on. Don't mind fishing durning daylight hours, ie as the sun is rising or setting.

You can fish in daylight at any time of the year, when it's overcast, wet, generally when normal folk stay in, or even better go somewhere they can't find you.

But nighttime is the right time for fishing

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I should know better at my age:wheelchai
but yesterday was overcast and wet at times, and pretty peaky with that onshore wind,, damn those hardy touroids :cold:

Should of just stuck to the plan of Glenarm rocks:headhurt:
But somebody said COD, and i suffer badly from C.O.D.:ph34r:

Mark... the headlight King:happy:
Ps i was reading about people and there super cheap lights from China, imagine having to change batteries half way through the night,, Weeks man ,it should take weeks for your batteries to discharge..:clap3:
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