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Fished Cymyran beach with Steve A last night, we hoped for Turbot or Small eyed ray and took live rag, frozen sandeel, mackerel and black lug. We fished the last hour and a half of the flood and about three hours down.
To cut a long story short, we saw no sign of turbot or ray but we were kept busy by small coalies,


and small flounder,

which were caught literally feet from the shore. in inches of water.
I also had one tiny whiting. Rag seemed to be the bait of the night but Steve did catch his doggie on sandeel.
Not the best session ever but was a nice change from the huss that we've been targeting lately, chasing the tide out with all our gear kept us fit and at least we didn't blank :)

Tight lines.

well done u too great pics.shaggy
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