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Any D.A.B members fancy a bait collection session/meet?
we have it all right on our doorsteps and we could save a flippin fortune if we simply invested some time on preperation for the year.

Look at what we have in the chesil area alone
Rag and King Rag
Blow lug a plenty
satans personal favourite the humble Mackerel
slipper limpets
Razor clams
Imagine how much money could be saved on an individual and club basis!
we could make this a regular reason for a relaxed meet all through the year.
even better we could actually save money for Members if we ourselves collected bait on their behalf for our club meets.

Ian sounds like an excellent idea - being an 'inlander' I usaually end up buying bait to maximise fishing time but I'd love to pick up a few tips esp if it saves a few quid - I was digging lug this weekend in the Solent and it ain't as easy as it looks! This is all part of the craft of fishing and i'm eager to learn and contribute whereever I can.
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