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People:myself and charlotte

Date : 20th oct

Venue: a rock mark.

Duration: 3h

Tide: down

Weather: nice for once

Bait: sandeels, lug amd mackerel

Rigs:size 2, 3 hook flappers
size 3/0 pulley

Results: 14 dabs 2 doggies

Didnt really know here to go this weekend but dicided with a mark that fishes well and it is not very well known.
Took lug for big baits on one rod, incase a nice stray cod turned up and sandeels and mackerel for the flatties.
Every cast the rods bounced and dab after dab, so i dicided to swap the big lug bait pulley rig for another flapper rig and keep the lug for another day because it was just coming back stripped.
The dabs were all different sizes with a few pushing a lb and with two doggies thrown in i was a great few hours fishing. pity it wasnt a comp.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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