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Good afternoon my fellow members.
As today was my only day off this week and "the boss" was working i simply had to get out and wet a line, so as im on a flattie species hunt this year decided on burry port. With flounder and MAINLY DABS!!! on my mind. So met up with wsf member jonesy37 (steve) and we made our way down there for 10.30am. It was quite bright with a light westerly blowing from right to left. It was a 5.6mtr tide with top water at 15.00pm. Bait for the session was peeler.

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Set up 2 rods both with my trusted "boom" flappers,
Steve was in almost immedietly with a small codling, then i landed a whiting. Then it went quiet for a good hour but it was nice getting to know and chatting with steve... then there was a cracking pull down on the rod........ shame it was steves!! (Jealousey is hell of a thing lol) so he struck and after a decent scrap he landed a lovely flounder of 16"

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A bloody lovely fish, then i noticed something on the beach and ive no idea what it is??? So take a look.

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Anyway, a few codling for us each were landed, all small averaging 4 to 7" . But still no flattie for me :-( so made myself a little fire as the wind had picked up and it got a little nippy

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Then a few more codlings were landed then i had the lightest of bites, starting then stopping, teasing me... so held the rod while waiting patiently for the tip to rattle then "bang" fish on..... so after a little fight i landed a stunning DAB!!!!!!! All 13" of him.

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Chuffed , chuffed, chuffed!! Then steve landed a doggie. A first for me????? Never seen a doggie caught there before. It was top tide now and the codling were still coming in. We must have caught 20 between us which was getting annoying as i was targeting flats. (And when do we moan about codling???) Crazy!!!! Then i had another nice bite and moments later landed my second nice dab of 11".

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Target species caught but pb not beaten but had a great day out and made a new wsf buddy 2. :)

Tight lines my follow wsfers.

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Herring by the looks of it....another nice sess.....:clap2:

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Sounds like a tidy session Wrighty. Well done to you both.
I'm putting my money on the mystery fish being a SMELT. They come into many of our rivers to spawn. The Dee in North Wales gets thousands of them. Bit early for SHAD and they tend to be deeper bodied.

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A smelt or a small herring perhaps i'd think, smelts smell of cucumber if thats any help :)

Well done on the fishing that's a cracking Dab!

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lovely new mark for me . and good company really enjoyed
nice one chris


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All i know is it had a blue tint on it!!! Heres a few more pics of head tail and fim. But after looking it does look like the smelt "new to this" posted!! <img src=""/> <img src=""/> <img src=""/> <img src=""/>
Don't think it's a smelt, the mouth is wrong. Smelt have teeth, or at least the ones that I have used for pike bait in the past have. I reckon it's a herring.
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