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Have the above reel for sale. Well actually I don't mind if it doesn't sell as I will happily continue to use it as one of the toughest most robust reel for lure fishing I have come across for the money.

I would like to upgrade only as I would prefer a round handle as opposed to the traditional spinning reel handle this has. Tackle tart within that is!

The reel was bought in October 2015 and is in great condition, still runs as smooth as the day I bought it thanks to the MagSeal. There is a small dent to the top of the spare spool, does not affect performance and the rotor has one scratch to it. It has had a light rinse under freshwater after every trip and external working parts oiled regularly.

Was £150. Now £140!

Images available, just not going through the hassle unless an interested buyer comes along, as its there to buy but don't care if it doesn't!

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