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daiwa supercast

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i have a daiwa supercast-x s 130m 13ft 4-8oz casting weight it is in good condition but not something i am going to use a lot. could someone give me a idea of what it is worth second it has no rod bag with it and a fuji fps-30 reel seat as opposed to coasters
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i take it that its the old model then - i paid £90 for mine , brand new (off ebay admitidly)

stick it on ebay and see what happens - a second hand 12' fixed spool version went for the ton the other week
not sure if it is the old model or not only got it on saturday from a boot sale.
it looks a nice rod but not something i will use.
i may trade it for something else.
just put rod in the for sale/wanted forum.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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