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You have to be keen to go shark fishing. Well that's what I told myself anyway when the alarm went at 0350 and I drove down to Neyland for an 0700 departure.

Anyway, a great group of 8 lads onboard for the last Danglers shark trip of the 2010 season - last chance saloon for this year.

I was really looking forward to the day - I've already had a PB 130lb shark this year so was pretty relaxed - one under the belt; just have fun.. A few of the lads were virgins though and so the pressure was really on them to boat the big blue of a lifetime....

It's stunning motoring down the Haven on an Autumn morning. Nothing better. Good company, a day at sea, and a glorious Pembrokeshire sunrise:

We rounded St Ann's and the swell picked up a little but nothing too horrendous. The northerly airflow made the air crystal clear and you could see for miles and miles.....right up to Grassholm and beyond

We stopped off at the Barrels to load up with mackerel. It took a little longer than usual as there was plent of small stuff. We also pulled in a few codling and pollack. Paul Martin and Atlantic Blue were out there having a morning fishing the reefs.

Anyway, boxed up with chum, we motored way offshore to the shark grounds 28 miles from nowhere. The water was inky black and clear and soon the slick was oozing its oily summons to the ocean predators.

We didn't have to wait long - not even a boiling kettle length. First up we saw the shark dorsals patrolling around the boat right on the surface, taking in the heady mix of yummy, chummy mackerel. Then, the first shark headed toward one of the outside floats and made a dive. Moments later, the ratchet screamed off with the first run of the day.

Joe spent the day right behind Jason - he's a "fishing for the pot" angler and you can see he's thinking and measuring up how he'd get this one in a cool box!

After a good account of itself, Jason boated the first blue at 82lbs - so we knew it was going to be a good day. Well done fella.

We then had quite few really good runs which were lost - either through a dropped bait or through a combination of equipment failure and poor technique! The sharks also happily ploughed through everyone's lines as they made off with their free lunch causing a couple of small tangles and lost end tackle.

In between the runs, we watched the dolphins and gannets and some of the lads entertained themselves with the garfish - I think we had a round 20 all of a good size. These also proved by far the best bait for the blues as well as for tea!

The old shark-meister himself, Cpt. Pennar Pointer then demonstrated how it should be done. A text book handling of the run and playing the fish to oscar performance standard.

A 94 and a half pounder (estimate). Nice one Greg.

Now shark virgin Paul is normally the calmest and most placid man on the boat. However, having lost two very good fish earlier in the day, he was having to count to 10 quite often. Sharking does that to a man. Finally, he had a third run and this time, the fish stayed on.

Paul took his time and let the fish tire out, playing the clutch like a pro.

This was a young male blue and boy did he go like a train - or maybe a lift: up and down; up and down; up and down

Well done Paul. You deserve to look pleased. A virgin no more. Congratulations

Huw Nash and Clive share another blue - in all I think we boated 5 and lost at least as many.

Skipper Nick reminded me that he hates having his photo taken but he did pose nicely for this one

Nick gave us a superb day out. Sharking on Celtic Wildcat is excellent fun with plenty of deck to space out - and to safely land and unhook the fish and take a quick photo. Thanks Nick for looking after us on the sharkers this year and we look forward to the ones we've already booked with you for next year. Great value for a 12 hour trip so far offshore and so often bang on the fish.

Finally got home around 2130 and more than ready for a quick beer! What a day. Happy but tired.

If anyone fancies any of our trips next year, we're issuing the season itinerary to members next month and anyone is welcome to join the Danglers. Sharking is usually around 拢50 a trip.

Good luck to Oarsman Dan who is out on Wildcat tomorrow for a pop at the Monday blues - should be a lovely day for it.

Cheers all


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excellent report and pictures

given me the inspiration i need....i'm out on white waters tomorrow after the blues...just 5 of us so fingers crossed.


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as normal a top report with quality pics
Just a few more facts .... only two fish measured : Jason's at 82lb which is his PB and my biggest which was 94.5lb. I am sure Glandyman will also be on shortly telling us all of his shared fish with his new friend Huw.

Very worrying was the number of lost fish at 9 as they all could have been triplers but it was just one of those days when nature was playing some funny tricks. Good to see there are plenty of fish still out there and I hope the Guys who are going out in the next couple of days have a great trips..

I would strongly recommend that you take some light gear for the Gars as we had a great comp whilst waiting for the Blues.

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fantastic report and pics as usual ,along with some quality angling ,again !
can see a trip to wales coming on next year !
cheers rab

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Good luck to Oarsman Dan who is out on Wildcat tomorrow for a pop at the Monday blues - should be a lovely day for it.

Super report Ian, well done all.

Sure was a stunning day yesterday.......flat calm mirror like seas saw us praying for some wind to push us along! Weird feeling as we've been praying for no wind all year!!!

Anyhow - I'll pop a full report on later - but we boated 4 (138lb, 108lb, and 2 x 77.5lb'ers (not the same fish!)).

We saw another 20 shark or so, dropped a good few, broke a couple (due to tangles), and set the hook on 3 of them by hand (Yes it does read right - by hand!!).

Full report & pics to follow later.


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Yes, lots of sharks out there at the moment.

I hear White Water had 17 on Sunday and 11 yesterday.

Milford Haven sharking, best fishing in Britain.


was on white waters yesterday...we boated 11 and dropped 5 or 6 there will be a report up later when i've downloaded the camera, biggest a pig of 155lb...not to me:huh::huh:
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