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talking to the peir attendant this morning before we left, he was saying they have got the go ahead for another cleaning of the sea bed, with in the next week or so

also claimed was this time they are using a vessel bigger than previously used before.

then guy was also saying as they are going to clean it better than before and this could kill the fishing, ( that must be bad if there saying that)

i also asked about the nets just being towed out to sea to be dumped, aparantly it wont happen this time as the ship there going to use is loads bigger, and will be able to get it out, that only happened last time because it was to heavey to lift out and nearly pulled the boat under

so u all been warned, cleaning this is only a temp thing as soon as they have a storm or two, all the crap will be washed up towards the peir making new snags etc

did you know the part under the lower deck was a design fault by the arcitect he got the hights wrong ( huge mistake if you ask me):group:

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Heard rumors that last time they tried to clean up the sea bed they brought around 7 tons of lead up, thats a lot of weights:eek:hmy:
Only trouble is the more you rake it or what ever they do the debris get exposed creating the problem all over again.
The architect did get his design seriously wrong as what should have been the lower deck (below the current deck) should have been above the high water line :oops:

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I haven't fished Deal pier for nearly 10 years to be honest, the only man made structures i've fished in the last year i can count on 1 hand and those would only be the P.O.W 'n' Samphire Hoe :whistling

Anyway surely its good thing their giving the ol pier another scrub down below & remove a few more snags, its hardly that monofil 'n' copolymers are bio degradeable...
All this effort is for a good cause so i believe and thats to make the pier more friendly to :fishing: after all happy anglers come back for more and they must make a pretty penny from us lot.

Well anything to disturb the sea bed that much is bound to upset the local marine life some what, it will take it a few months for it to recover tho and be worth a visit early next year.

Cheers for the heads up on the cleaning schedule, i may pay a visit next january :thumbs:
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