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Fished yesterday PM between the Castle and the Boats to the south hoping for an early bass.
Wind about F4 from the north and quite chilly although sunny to start with
Wave height about 1 meter.
Plenty of colour in the water.
Low water up.
First chuck to about 30 yds, 6 party squid on a 4/0 Pennel running ledger produced a doggie of about 1.5lbs.
Daft thing, when I returned it, swam straight back into the beach.
Returned it again and got a repeat performance.
Returned it again and about 10 mins later noticed something on the tide line - Correct that darned dawg.
It must have been out of the water for most of that 10mins but when I put it back for the 4th time it swam around for a bit then headed in the general direction of France (poor thing).
No more bites for an hour or so so changed to Peeler.
They came back untouched, so did lug and mackeral.
Back to squid and after about 3 hours got a 9" pout with its mouth stuffed with squid and a 4/0 - at least it was lip hooked and went back to fight? another day.
Then the sea mist rolled in - really cold and damp now and no more bites till I packed up at 19.45.
I also discovered that a 3oz weight with soft wire grips held bottom just as well a 5oz Breakaway and were so much easier to free from the clay out there
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