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Dengemarsh friday

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Had decided in the week to give Denge a shot as it was Friday and I didn't fancy getting mixed up in the chaos on the beach at Dungie.:yucky:

Collected bait from the Seagull, stopped at the Pilot on the way round:drunk: Bumped into Geordie Si on the car park on his way to the beach have a bit of a pump.

Arrived on the beach 12.45 in the water 13.15 low water 13.30ish.:fishing: Had quite a strong head wind so distance casting was a bit of a problem :g: Water was a bit choppy with good colour.

Started off with one rod for the first hour and a half trying all the baits I had with me, cuttle, squid and lug. Guess what got some Whiting:g::g::g:

A few anglers started to arrive around 16.00 by high tide 19.30ish only about six anglers up the beach so plenty of room. Fished 'till 21.30, everyone coming down the beach had the same to report WHITING

WELL WHAT DID YOU EXPEET :yucky::yucky::yucky:
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