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Sonic and Tracey don't worry about the moron's with no understanding or thought, unfortunately they are all to prevalent these days.

However, on to Devils Point, it is home of the shore conger record and there are quite a few around from 10-50lb with some experts suggesting there are alot bigger fish to be caught, it is just a problem of how you get them up and out of their lairs in the rough ground. A pulley rig with mackeral, pout, pollack or squid on size 8/0's should do the business.

It also fishes well for Thornback to prawn on a pully rig, and it produces Cod in winter to big crab, lug or squid baits.

The tide run is phenomenal and the bottom is extremely rough. I personally only fish over slack water on neap tides.

As with most Plymouth estuary marks it is a case of putting the hours in, as the river rarely produces every single trip. Some years you may have to put up with small dogs and pout for 6 trips before you get a good session with the bigger fish.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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