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I took the boat out for an early trip this morning, just me and the dog. Weather was beautiful - sunny skies and little wind. In fact it was almost millpond smooth as I left the slip and motored downriver just after 8am.

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Before long I began to see bass chasing fry on the surface, and every now and then I'd hear a splash and see ripples and swirls. Resisting the temptation to cast a lure in their direction (the river Dart is a bass nursery, so no fishing for bass from a boat) I headed on downstream, knowing that there would be plenty of time for fishing once at sea.

Passing through Dartmouth itself I was surprised that there was so little boat activity the water - it was nearly 9 o'clock and usually the river is busy with traffic, especially with such good weather. As I reached the river mouth I could see that the sea conditions were about as calm as I've ever seen.

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Heading out round the headland the breeze picked up a little and so did the swell. The first mark was a reef which offered up a couple of strings of mackerel - good to see them about finally. The swell was just the wrong side of comfortable in my little boat, so it was on to a small inshore wreck mark which was more sheltered but which didn't produce anything whatsoever, despite my best efforts with a pink shad.

A change of plan and the dog and I retraced our steps and moved to a reef near the river mouth itself - the boat traffic was picking up at this point so I kept a sharp look out for the Hoorays in their gin palaces - sometimes it seems as if the more money they have to spend on their boats, the less water-sense they have...

We set up a slow drift across the reef - this time using a black firetail worm to attract a brown and white wrasse from the kelp. Another couple of drifts failed to produce and by this time the dog had gone to sleep curled up round my tackle box - clearly she had high expectations for the rest of the trip...

We motored on to another reef mark further past the river mouth which had a greater range of depths to explore with a series of steep mounts rising from 25m up to almost 5m in places. I switched to a pearl Redgill Evo and on the very first drift I felt a pluck, followed by the rod tip hooping over. Fish on! It gave a seriously good account of itself on the 6-12lb class rod, head-shaking and diving, taking line against the drag. I found myself talking to the dog, telling her this felt like a better fish and that I mustn't lose it. She didn't bat an eye-lid - she knows that a fish isn't caught until it's in the boat. As it rose from the depths I finally saw it was a bass! Result! I promptly took the worst possible picture but you get the idea.

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Then it was over the side as I watched it scoot back down below. Another few drifts saw me snag and lose the redgill and the boom, so we called it a day. All in all a very enjoyable few hours out in the boat.
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