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Poor fishing at the mo - but don't blame yourselves...
The weather is not what we expect for this time of year, so anything that flies, crawls or more importantly swims is gonna be a little disorientated.
It's traditionaly the quite month, and the low tides at the mo don't help.
I've fished Aberthaw, The Knap, Toms Point, Ogmore and even the Barrage this week, and £20 worth of fresh bait (you name it I tried it) produced one lonely Pout.
The boats don't seem to be doing so bad - I think a little rip is needed to wake 'em fishies up.
Don't dispair if you haven't had a catch recently - summer is going to be early and HOT and we're due a good Bass year.
No matter what happens, our fishing this year won't be as bad as the six Nations for any member of the Welsh pack.... See, there's always someone worse off that you!
Tidy darts,

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