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Diawa Supercast

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Looking for a some opinion,s on this set of rods from Diawa anyone tried any of the models yet, particularly the models for the rough. STS12PM & STS13PM any comments appreciated cheers.
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I have the STS13PM, and very pleased with it I am. I think it will certainly get a lot of use for a long time to come. For me it falls nicely in between my clean ground and very rough ground rods, but at a stretch it could cope with most scenarios.

I don't see it as an out and out rough ground rod (telegraph pole), and is much more forgiving than, say, a Greys Apollo, but not so floppy that it folds up when dragging in fish/weed through snags. As with all Diawa's, the butt has quite a large diameter (which some people don't like). Strap a 525/slosh on with 25lb line and it is ready to go into the snaggy ground. Strap an Abu 6500 with 15lb line and it isn't overgunned for clean ground. As an all round rod it is certainly versatile and reasonably priced. Dump the coasters, fit a screw winch reel seat and off you go.
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Thanks Manx for the review of this rod, its on my "think about it list for my next rod . I,m sorry to hear its still got the chunky butt . Also dose it cast up to its name.
Whether a rod casts well or not is purely down to the person using it. If John Holden rates the casting ability of the rod then that's a good an endoresemnt as I need.

Ideally you should try before you buy - for me that is hardly ever an option.
Manx Fisher said:
Dump the coasters, fit a screw winch reel seat and off you go.
Being new to sea-fishing and having just bought one of these rods, can you tell me where I can get a screw winch reel seat that will fit it ?

After having asked peoples opinions of this rod on this forum I went out and brought one and I think it is a very good rod for the money. I am not the best of casters and was probably casting 70-100yds before with my old rod (a Penn Powerstick) and I reckon the supercast put 25-30 yds on my casts straight away.

While in cornwall recently I reckon I did several casts near the 140-150yd mark, but the next day I reckon I was casting only about 100yds and no matter how hard I tried could not get near the previous days distances. I put this down to not having a consistent casting style so on the days I get it right I suprise myself with the distance I can get, and when I get it wrong it I only get an average distance.

I reckon this rod will boost your confidence, instantly improve your current casting distance and if you work on your technique you will achieve even better distances.

Buy the rod, I don't think you will go far wrong.

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Thanks Ian for your review its certainly starting to grow on me. Still worried a bit about it coping with the rough which Manx has stated that it will at a strech. Also the phat butt, i could possibly put up with that as i do already with my sand storm.

Mackerelman Should be able to get a srew winch reelseat from any good tackle shop just make sure you know the diameter of the Butt.
i have a supercast 13ft (the old model) and cant find much fault with it , i prefer it to my sandstorm so am getting another supercast soon ( for free , i have a nice cousin who doesnt want his )
i recently got a abu grip lok for it , its a bit of a tight fit but works very well .Great when my 7ht is on but it makes the slosh even higher , but being adjustable its easily slid down the butt which makes the slosh much easier to use - does anyone know if a reducer can be got for the rod??????????????
Keith, be careful if you do get an extension as the base of the butt will need some tight whipping to prevent the female joint splitting. A reducer is used to reduce the diameter of the butt to mount the reel low, this was used on the old style rods with alloy butts. An extension is used to reel in not to reduce the diameter.

Hope ive been of some use

Regards Ryan.
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