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American lobster Crayfish Lobster Decapoda Homarus
Dicided to get a few hrs fishing in as the wife and girls were going to town so dug out some bait from the freezer and of i go.
Arrived at venue to find quite a few people there so opted to fish in a place that looked a little snaggie to say the least. Set up with pennel pulley rigs loaded with whole squid on one rod and frozen blacks on the other. After a few casts sat back and poured a coffee then with no warning the rod pulled down and kept on going so spilt me coffee and reeled in to a fish which scrapped well looking for rocks to swim into . got him in and well chuffed a nice bass to start my account with Fish Fish Barramundi Bass Trout

Then a few casts later i had a pulldown and a slack line which resulted in this American lobster Crayfish Lobster Decapoda Homarus

Happy days did not expect that
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