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We headed for Anglesey friday lunch in the hope to fish Cable bay on arriving it didnt look to bad a quick walk along the cliffs bought it home there would be no fishing done today there as water was crashing well up the rock. Next try was Rhosnigre in the hope of a few bass arrived there to find a kite surfing comp:yucky: Third time luck we arrived at Cym and it was looking nice

Fishing was not good a few small flounders and a dog was all was taken while we waited for low water to fish on the spit where i do like to get

Musnt for get the dogs

As the water dispersed it became apparent the spit would be unaccesable due to the smallish tide (bugger)

Quick decision saw us back at Rhosingre just before night fall. Fishing again wasnt great the odd whiting and codling

Low water arrived and the dogs kicked in big time taking crab and fish bait every cast. Decided fish just Rag to try avoid them but to no avail.

Not to the best evening but if you dont try you dont catch
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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