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Diggin ,fishin Update

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Well ,after the diggin ,and boy ,i new i should nt of drank so much the night before,i managed 2 score ray managed 3,,,it was like bomb pit were we dig well and truly dug ,,,,,but allways there the years ive used the place,,so to the FISHIN ,got to the mark low water,,,set up ,,and i cracked a tin to liven meself up,well after an hr n half or so,,rods were rattling big time ,,,,,but could not connect,,,,,,i bet them schoolies, i said to ray,,,,and sure enough we caught some of the culprits well we manged between us 5 eels 3 take home 2 completly tied me rigs in knots,,,,,,,, 8 schoolies, bout half a pound 1 flounder and 1 small codling,very quite hw ,,,but it was cracking to get out ,,,and i just new in me bones a tad to early for sole just yet.....but things gonna get better,,,OH AND SHIVER ME TIMBERS ,,,WHAT DO I GO AND FIND WASHED UP ,,,AFTER PAYING 34 NOTES FOR ONE,,,AN INFLATABLE THWART FOR THE DINGHY,,,IVE JUST MENDED 3 PUNCTURES ON IT, SO SEE HOW IT GO S ,,,,,,,TIGHT LINES ALL,,,,,,THORNY
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Where did you go TBF - you said the Thames but which mark?
You'll have to change your mates name - I thought you were reporting a Ray caught!
AH yes i can see the ray bit ,,,ill change his name,,,to ole codger ,we fished a place called the black duck ,swanscombe
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