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Had a day off in lieu today, as I'm working on Monday, nipped into Rays this afternoon to pick up some bait, and after a natter decided to head off to Dinas over high, followed by a trip to Trefor Pier.

Arrived at Dinas at 18:30 to find slight movement in the water, and set up 2 rods, my plugging rod rigged up with a 2-up 1-down boomed rig and size 6 hooks and a beachcaster with initially a 1-up -1down flapper rig with 3/0 hooks. Bait was a mixture of Lug and Rag.

Lovely Views

But no fish, one bite that got away, packed up at 20:45 and moved to Trefor Pier.

Started fishing there at 21:30, plugging rod set up with the same rig as before, both beachcasters set up. One with a 6/0-4/0 Pulley Pennel rig baited with Squid, the other a 2-up 1-down rig with size 1 hooks baited with a mixture of rag, lug and sandeel.

First cast to the plugging rod gave me a Coalfish and another first for the year, a Shanny or Common Blenny.

This was followed shortly after by a bigger Shanny of around 8" long, huge for a mini species!

Then the dogs came.

one by one

and two by two

on all 3 rods, only being interrupted by some large Spider Crab that you could put a saddle on.

Finished at 23:45. Total scores 11 Dogs, 2 Shannys and a Coalfish

Up early tomorrow for an all dayer on Anglesey. If I get over 400 fish that will be my best ever year, and it's only May!

Tight lines

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Nice report as usual Gareth,

Might bump into you myself over the weekend going to the mother in laws in Towyn so the mandatory fishing gear will be loaded in the back of the car:).

Still several places i,d like to fish on the welsh coast especially over summer.

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