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Dingle Bay

Thursday was as bad as the previous day but we went out to see if it was doable it was’nt, so we anchored up under the cliffs at the entrance to the harbour in the hope of hooking up with a Thornback or two, all we got was Dogfish. When we stated to retrieve the anchor it was reluctant to come up and when it finally showed itself it was fouled on an abandoned hawser, this took quite a time to clear but in the end we broke free, and returned to the berth fishless.

Friday did not happen.
Saturday dawned a much better day bright and sunny with a lot less wind only 5/6 but still south westerly. Fished off Slea Head again and had quite few good Pollock and Codling

Returned to berth at 6pm, well satisfied.

Sunday was looking even better and proved to be so, this time Pat took us East towards Inch Strand, in the hope of getting into Tope but they were not at home, instead we were in Dog city. As we were steaming home all of us eating rolls and laying about, we were suddenly brought up to our alert selves as a loud bang awakened us, and the boat glided to a halt, “What the ---- was that” That turned out to be about 500 feet of abandoned rope,

which we had found and tripped over. It had got round the prop and pulled the shaft, withdrawing the gearbox from the bell housing, which was in pieces.

That put an end to our cruising for the day and we were towed home by a mate of Pat’s.

So ended our fishing trip with one day left and the promise of good weather to come, were we downhearted? Bet your life we were.
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