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People: Just me

Duration: 10am launch back in 6-30pm

Tide: low water midday

Weather: Sunny - Flat calm to F4

Bait: Fresh mack

Results: Mackerel, Pollack, Bass, Sea trout, Flounder, doggies


Headed straight out to Minard in search of Mackerel, not much happening to start with until I started casting the feathers well away from the boat and giving them a good jig back in, it seemed to do the trick all right had around 30 in maybe an hour, not bad for mid April!
Headed back to a bank we fish sometimes for the last hour of the ebb but that did'nt seem to be running the same as last year, the storms seems to have re-arranged a fair bit around the end if Inch, just had endless dogfish from there, must admit I tried there and the end of Inch for the chance of an early Tope, still no Thornies about, well not taking Mack anyway.
Away with the 6oz griplead and scale down to 2 hook paternoster with 8lb fluorocarbon and size 6 hooks, some nice thin strips of Mackerel belly, worked well this time, had 3 Seatrout and a nice 4.5lb Bass only in 9' of water, Solid C rod was ideal for that job, had a nice Flounder as well on the same, seemed to find a better way of hooking the strips now, tie the hook with a uni knot, leave 1/8'' tag, hook through mack and pull through, then go back in the length of the shank, it last's really well and hooks up better than a single hookpoint.
Tried spinning with the trusty Toby and Dexter but nothing, mackerel won out this time!

Some for the freezer as well!


Not easy trying to get in position within the 10 sec timer and all those spikes

Dunes eroded at Rossbiegh strand

Did wizz a spinner around there - from a distance!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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