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Dingle Bay
Last day I Promise

Monday and the forecast was excellent wind force 2/3 south west, sea state dying away to smooth, all we needed was a boat!!
Fortunately Pats mate Paul was able to accommodate us with his 30 foot Cyfish

and we gladly jumped on board, but feeling a bit sorry for Pat and hoping that the damage we could see was all the damage he had sustained. On the way out we were greeted by a pod of dolphins as we sped across the almost smooth water.

we had what was an almost perfect day, lots of fish and great sport, it was almost worth the wait, but then again we did fish 5 out of a possible 6.

On Tuesday before we came home we went down to the slip to say goodbye to Pat and saw “saiman sog” dried out and after the offending rope rope had been removed were all pleased to see that there was no futher damage.

Thanks again to the Irish for making us welcome, and if you haven’t tried the fishing over there you should.
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