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dissapointed with southborne

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three of us arrived at southborne and fished by the bistro, saturday 29,, 19.30 till 02.30 ,, five rods detween us, fished at variouse distances useig rag,macci,sand eel,squid, black lug and hermit crab but only managed three tiny pout and one small spotted ray of about 2lbs,,,very dissapointed but at least we didnt blank,, allways next time,, allso no weed problems at all,, intrested to know if any one fished further to hengistburyhead and any results,,cheers jason
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I fished end of prom last night fished from 7 till 11 not a bite!!! fished at all ranges:banghead: few others down in that area didnt see much caught
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