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Distance potential

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Evening Chaps, a quick query please.
What should be the rough potential casting distance of the following kit? I am well aware that I am the real limiting factor by the way!
Tip Tornado original and Match, with Penn 525 mag extra/knobby loaded with 18 lb line and a 5 oz sinker. OTG cast.
I am creeping up having hit 195 yds. What could I potentially achieve with further practice? I.e. what could the kit be capable of?
Thanks, Tim
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That's good casting as the 525 and 18lb line is probably limiting you now. Borrow a tourney reel set up for the 125g lead and go out on a windy day for a pb!
My 525s set up for fishing will do 200m (measured) with a fishing rod otg.
I reckon it's time for you to start trying a few different rods and reels. Good luck as it gets seriously addictive.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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