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Dodgy Weekend Ahead!

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I was hoping to "part the fish" to get the boat into the water this weekend, but Lendusaworm has painted a "rough & getting a bit rougher" picture with his forecast!
Plus its the "stupid weekend" isn't it, when the "Birmingham Navy" traditionally don their silly captains hats, & fly around the bay waving from their Flying Bridges, as everybody caught in their wake goes up and down like a donkeys do-da!
So methinks I will avoid the launch until Tuesday, when all the k***s have taken their jetski's home, the "Birmingham Navy" have gone back to Solihull, & Lendusaworm gives us a decent bloody forecast!
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Lol Skip leave the boat parked up you know the k**bs will play havoc with your blood pressure but if you fancy drowning some worms in comfort I'm off to Sidan early Sunday morning. :)
Just realised that was my 200th post am I now XXXhardcore?
Roller, with HW @ 1115, the ideal time to fish "Le Sidan" on a 36ft tide would be from low (0515) to high, Monday would be even better with a 34.9ft tide HW @1220 & a kick off time @ 0620.
There would be the usual gang of "grocks" seeing as its Bank Holiday but we should be away before they arrive in force!
I quite fancy either morning, which is your preference so That I can get some bait?
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