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Headed back to Doonie Point yesterday with hope of a few fish. Never done that well in the two previous trips but with so many rocky stances - it looks good. Well looks can be deceiving, the water was nicely coloured with a slight swell washing the rocks. I headed to a set of rocks to my right, getting down was easier than it looked. Huge stair like rocks led to a nice flat rock just above the water. It seemed perfect I had a big rock pool to wash my hands, defrost my bait and a rock that looked like someone had carved a chair out of.

We fished form high tide down – for about three hours we tried everything. Chucking the best bait we had at different ranges and directions but to no avail. So after what felt like an eternity we called no joy and decided to head for a nice easy mark further down the coast. I suggested Usan as it had rarely failed us in the past, in fact my mate and I have had some great fishing down there. When we arrived most people were just packing there gear into their cars and heading off. We did see a guy who had five fish, 4 codling and a nice Pollock.

A change of mark a change of luck……….Sadly not, with darkness looming we headed to the Black Rock and set up our gear. First cast I had a good bite and missed it, still it was an improvement on the rest of the day. I recast and after five minutes was rewarded with a double knock on the rod tip, I struck hard and felt the awesome weight of my prize. A codling that would surely have weighed at least 1.5lb and that was it. No matter what we tried, we just couldn’t connect with anything and ended up feeding the coalies prime Devon crabs. It wasn’t a blank but still a crap day but the fresh air was nice….sort of.

Bloody weather forecasters......where was the east winds?????????
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