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My mate Andrea and I decided to give the breakwater a go for the first time on Saturday. We came down from London to find a mill pond with no boat going out! Fair enough though as it got windy later. The shipping forecast on Teletext had been ambiguous about our chances- I'll be more pessimistic next time. We decided to try the Admiralty instead and then head north to the Thames estuary to try for Roker.

Fished about a third of the way down the first section of the Ad and only managed a small Whiting and a tiny Dab. Some small Plaice had been coming up earlier on (we started fishing at High Tide) and all fish seemed to be on the small side. Andrea is from Sardinia and March on the ad with SW wind in your face is not the sort of fishing that he is used to!

We packed up and decided to head for Reculver as the original plan to try Holywell Point in Essex seemed like to much driving and not enough fishing. No fish at Reculver though. We tried over the low tide immediately beyond the towers. Nice spot to fish with no snags, but we were later advised that we should have walked over a mile down fron the towers to get the Roker.

All in all an enjoyable day but with precious few fish and I still haven't caught a Thornie.

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