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phoned the breakwater boat in hope for it to be running but was told it was put back in and there was a leak so decided to fish the addy.we were there at 7:30 bought frozen peeler, lug,squid and some sandeel started fishing about 8:15 and was holding bottom well, although it was like a wind tunnel on the pier. after about half hour my dad had a doggie on squid and my mate caught a few makkies on feathers, i tryed for a smut or bass on crab but was having no luck then the tide started to run hard and was lifting our 7oz fixed wire gemini leads and taking them to the bottom of the wall two of my mates gave up for a while and i suggested putting two leads in series to hold bottom and let out more line, it seemed to work as after about 10 mins of my mate retying his rig his rod tip started bouncing i said it looked fishy, though it was hard to tell with the wind and he wound down and struck into what seemed like a nice fish which pulled hard in the fast tide, after struggleing with the dropnet for about 5 to 10mins we managed to land his 47cm bass i managed to catch nothing but an undersize edible crab about 7cm and lived up to my name el blanko...:cc_surren
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