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dover adrimalty pier or dungeness

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hi am thinking of taking the kids to either dover adrimalty pier or dungeness heard dover gets a bit packed .have not fished either in years but need to take the kids out and catch a few fish as only had a few trips to southend and grays lately both being blanks.:wiggle:
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Big(massive) tides the next few days, both will be tricky to fish.

How old are the kids and how experienced? Samphire hoe, prince of Wales pier or Deal pier may be easier options with a good chance of a few fish.
Small tides then so Dungie and Dover are fine.

Pretty well guaranteed rod tip rattling whiting at Dungie and a few more bass should be showing soon, can't speak for the Addy myself but I'm sure it will be OK as well.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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