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Well Me and a few work chaps had this arranged for a while now (we meet up once a month to go fishing!) and actually managed to get out on the breakwater! i know, there was a slight gust a few weeks back, but still they took us out!

All in all not a bad days fishing, it was Doggy after Doggy, with the odd undersized codling, whiting, a ling, a few crabs and I had a lovely dab!

Still at least we were catching, needless to say they all went back to fight another day!

Bait was mainly lug tipped with squid, with the odd bit of rag thrown in, and between the 8 of us various rigs were used.

I would say that we all caught between 15 - 25 fish each, times that by 8 and you do maths!


THIS IS NOT ME BY THE WAY! (i'm not that old or good looking!)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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