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Drifting for flatties this weekend?.

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Weather looks as though it might be OK this weekend (Sat afternoon).
Thinking of going out but not too far in case it blows up, maybe drifting for flatties between the piers. (Brighton) Anyone been out recently and is it still reallty dirty out there? Prob a bit early for plaice but there may be some flounder/dab and if the gods are smiling a sole...
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the weather can change a lot in a few days, little windows can be smashed, excuse the pun :) if the weather does play ball then why not. flatties have decent sight so even if its murky then they might still see the baits and beads, i would definatly use beads or spoons to help visiblity. i would give it a try :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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