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Drop shot or Shad ?

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Following on from Pinchers thread, and after getting some top notch advice from Bristol Boy, I put my thinking cap on, and have come up with the rigs in the below picture.... Now I am not claiming that I have invented them, there are probably identical rigs around that I have not seen myself, although I did a search and couldnt find any.
The reasoning behind my bending the bits of wire etc, is that I reasoned that the hooks are best with the gape upwards, also, there are so many soft lures available that dont incorporate any built in weight, and I personally dont like using leadheads or bullets on the line in front of the hook.
I think ( hope ) that they work ok, fished with a rotten bottom between the bottom lure and sinker it may eliminate losing anything but the sinker if snagged.

Anyway, here they are, you can I think visualise how they could be be rigged, dropshot style...pretty basic

Any comments re use most welcome..

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Dave ,it's obvious that my knowledge on this subject is not great , Personally I like your idea ,The link to You Tube I put up on the previous thread does show how to tie a polymer knot in such a way that the hook stays pointing up , so to that end I will be making up a number of traces ready to clip to my reel line . But I must say your method would mean you could easily carry a number of your inventions in a small compartment in your tackle which would be easy to attach as and when . I will say that the trial rig I made up to practice the knot , when pulled tight simulating a weight on one end and the tension of the rod tip on the other , the hook stood out well and faced up .If you try these as I am sure you will ,please let me know how it works out .
Regards Pinchers .
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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