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Drop shot or Shad ?

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Following on from Pinchers thread, and after getting some top notch advice from Bristol Boy, I put my thinking cap on, and have come up with the rigs in the below picture.... Now I am not claiming that I have invented them, there are probably identical rigs around that I have not seen myself, although I did a search and couldnt find any.
The reasoning behind my bending the bits of wire etc, is that I reasoned that the hooks are best with the gape upwards, also, there are so many soft lures available that dont incorporate any built in weight, and I personally dont like using leadheads or bullets on the line in front of the hook.
I think ( hope ) that they work ok, fished with a rotten bottom between the bottom lure and sinker it may eliminate losing anything but the sinker if snagged.

Anyway, here they are, you can I think visualise how they could be be rigged, dropshot style...pretty basic

Any comments re use most welcome..

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Will work fine they are known as spinshot hooks, probably can't easily find them sold in the sizes you've made so good work. The main bonus is they eliminate line twist. They are quite well known amongst freshwater and lrf anglers. It's worth checking this site out if your not aware of it, there are loads of suitable lures and terminal tackle for dropshotting here (hook sizes may be a bit small for offshore work though)

Hooks - Dropshot
They sell them the vmc ones up to size 5/0 here

VMC Ike Approved Wide Gap Spinshot Hooks 4pk

You can either rig the lure weedless or head hook for more action
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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