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I suppose where I am going with this is trolling from the yak, but using bigger lures for bass. I tried it with droppers and out results in a right old mess...
Trolling feathers would be clipped the opposite way up to jigging feathers. Traces should lie parallel to the rig body.
For trolling or cast-and-retrieve the traces point back toward the rod when at rest or when cast/dropped, then they splay out upon retrieve and they shimmy.
For jigging they are the other way up so they shimmy when dropped through the water column.
Best knot IMO (and gleaned from this site) for feathers is to lay feather and trace against the rig body, and tie an overhand with four turns around the two parallel lines. Tighten the loop by pulling the feather. Stiffer trace line allows longer trace, you don't want it to bend back too far or it loses the shimmy action.
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