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Lurvly mornin so thought we would fish low tide up .took me new rod an reel with us could'nt wait to get going :) However this was'nt to last long reeling in for the first time an snag on something , tryed different methods to free myself to no avail.. sooo line end's up snaping :schmoll: so tie on new shockleader an trace etc,an off we go again ....Come time to reel in and it happen's again !!!!!NNNooooooooooooooooo..could'nt beleive it ..We ended up packing up very early coz it happened to me 3 time's an my son once !!!! All from different casting spots an distances .So i dont no what's out there but i think there should be a sign up saying rough ground :sad:
Oh well best get trace making now ...

We had a look down there at low tide last year and although it looks very "fishy" we decided against it due to the amount of rocks.
If you look on an admiralty chart of the area, it shows numerous disused cables running out from Dumpton Gap too.

Try windows live local and click on the "birds eye view" of the area, then look round the coast of Thanet and you can see some places that just look like they need to be fished.

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