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As the weather was fine Joe Chip + I decided on a taking the boat out for the night. Main plan was to try for pollack at dusk + dawn and to see if we could get any cod or ling at night.

We sailed about 8:45pm and picked up a few mackerel for bait, I also lost what felt like a decent cod at this point.

Headed to a pollack mark where I caught the biggest of the night at about 7lbs.

The weather was great + at 11pm I was still in my t-shirt.
Pity the fishing wasn't as good.
Despite having mussel, lug, peeler, razors + the fresh mackerel we didn't get a single bite all night. We tried inshore, offshore, anchored, drifting.....nothing worked.

At dawn we tried another pollack mark which proved useless so we headed off to our first mark to try again for some cod.
First drop we both got snagged + lost the lot. I couldn't be arsed tying on a new rig and picked up the spinning rod with the sliding float rig that I'd been using for pollack. I increased the depth + put on a sliver of mackerel.
Within seconds of the float cocking it shot under + I landed a decent pollack.
This was followed by several more, all around the 3 to 6lbs mark.
The water was quite coloured but I was still surprised at the lack of cod, Joe caught the only one which only weighed about 2lbs.

By 7:45am the fish had gone off the feed, we tried for another hour without any luck and decided to call it a day.

It's taken me until now to recover! By the time I'd cleaned the boat + had my dinner I was a slavering mess. Don't say it......
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