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Dunbar 4/8/10 7Lb Pollock In a chilli sauce

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Headed off to Dunbar 4/8/10 for a days charter fishing. Weather pleasant and dry. Fishing started off well but as tide changed died down a wee bit. Catching wrasse, pollock, ling, cod and mackies.

Managed to get a 7lb 4oz pollock using ragworm with a wee strip of mackerel fished on the bottom as well as a few other species.

Lost a nice cod and a nice ling as no net on the boat.

Decided to take pollock home, and filleted to have for tea.

End results below........very nice :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:


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well done on the pollock m8, look's mighty fine on the plate too
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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