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Fished out of Dunbar on Tuesday and had "one of those days". Started with a faulty garage door that wouldn't shut, then a broken split pin on the jockey wheel, then a flat battery and finally, to cap it all off, we stripped a bearing on one of the trailer wheels!! This despite stripping them and re-greasing after every sea trip. Luckily I carry spares of most things.
As for the fishing - well it was pretty poor. We only managed 3 codling, all around the 1.5kilo mark. One of the fish was in a bad way. It had something that looked like a leach, about 4cm long, coming out from under its gill with a ball of worms attached to the end of it. I pulled on it and it burst, it was full of watery blood. the fish also had things sticking up from its throat and a loads of worms - nice, eh. It was caught close to Torness nuclear power station!
I heard a report about loads of squid in the Forth, anyone know anything about this??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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