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Hi all,
I had my monthly trip down to Dugeness on friday, I hoped the fishing might be good as the weather had turned a bit rougher.

On phoning Richardson's to order some bait I was told that there would be
no fresh lug until after tenAM on friday, with LW at 8.25AM some frozen lug and peelers was dug out of the freezer so that LW could be fished.

Arriving on a blustery beach, with a nice coloured sea, at the end of the boardwalk............

the only other fishermen to be seen were in front of the power station

After five blank casts a fish was found on one of the hooks.......

From then on the fishing was very patchy, even some nice freshly dug lug from Richardson's failed to improve things.

A few other anglers appeared, with what seemed like a coach load arriving just before twleve.

Total catch was eight whiting, all about the same size,

Just about acceptable, if disappointing given the roughness of the sea.

Still buying leads for the BIG one(fish),

Ripley aka Gus
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