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Phoned Tony at seagull friday morning to see if he'd be open 17:30 to pick up my rod I'd left for repair. Not a problem says he, late finish for him, so I also ask about the chance of a couple of score of fresh black, again, no problem- Top man.

Rod inspected, worms collected, both top drawer, off to the beach, still far too early for the tide. Park at the lifeboat and mosey out back and sand for miles, well a good few hundred yards anyway. Mardy arse clouds and rain coming in from the west mind.

Head to Fair Chance and contemplate sitting in the car as the power station's now wreathed in rain. Sod it, and trunch down to the beach. Three other gents set up along the way so I drop my gear behind Jerrys boat and go and ask if they mind me setting up, make sure I'm not too close. As I get there so does the rain and hunker down behind their wind break. "No need for my umbrella" says one to another sarcastically as it lashes it down. I really need to fix my igloo thinks I. Thanks for the brief but most hospitable shelter gents.

Squall passes, trudge back and set my gear up in the dying daylight, then wait, and wait, and hunker down as another squall passes, and wait. Tide turns, moon's out bright and clouds scudding past and finally cast out when the sea hits the shingle.

Baits in the water for 10 minutes and the newly repaired rod gives a solid pull down and brings in a basslet of 40cm- one for the priest. Second rod rattles and bring in a good ting. 10 minutes later another keeper bass and small ting to the repaired rod. Bit of a wait, then another bass, 35cm, so he's back for another day. Next rattles were a double shot of ting, but then a good tug and another bass at 44cm.

4 bass, 4 ting, I'm thinking these are magic worms blessed by the sea gods, but as the tide continued to flood there was nowt more than ting. No weed mind and no more rain but a fine warm evening with clouds scudding past the moon.

Saturday: same spot, bright moon, no wind, flat seas, ting, ting, ting and more ting, nowt bigger than 30cm, then weed, more weed, and even more weed. One rod heaves over, and I'm thinking ye gods if this is a fish it's a lunker, but it's a double shot of ting with 6' of weed knotted round the line.

Cast short, cast medium, left the baits no more than 10 minutes in the water but weed, weed, weed and more weed. Pin whiting bites at 40 yards looked good though. Loose my mojo and pack up at 23:00 spending twice as long clearing weed than watching the rods.

Walking back to the car there's a chill in the air, and for the first time it felt like winter's coming.

Bring on the cod.

Sorry to ramble but I've been drinking.

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