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Good afternoon all,

Quick report from Dungie today. Yesterday I popped to seasalter and dug a few score of nice lug and set my alarm disgustingly early to make the ten o clock high today at Dungie.

Just quickly before I talk about Dungie, if anyone is thinking about fishing seasalter I’d reevaluate - the weed was about a foot high at the high tide mark :Oo:

Anyway, I got to Dungie at 07:30 and because of the wind and bright sun the boats was the chosen mark. Some colour in the water and it occasionally clouded over and lashed it down.


Water was calm and with the smallish tide there was little pull. Still an incredible amount of marine life washed ashore - queen cockles, razor fish, starfish, sea slugs, crunched up spider crabs - I was worried that a few days after the storm was a bit late with too much food about.

Sure enough it was tough going, with a couple of half hearted knocks the highlight of the flood. At high tide I struck into a few whiting, reasonable size, so decided to scale down from my clipped down loops to smaller hooks on a flapper. The whiting were all at distance and a good whack was required to find them, not good with delicate blow lug on a flapper. To get round this I tipped off with a few tiny slithers of razor fish to stop the lug flying off.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any more sizeable whiting but I did land this lovely little thornback which obviously took a liking to the razor fish! A first for me, I’ve never caught a ray before (other than a palm sized one from Hythe) and don’t often see them mentioned in catch reports from this spot. Pretty chuffed!



He went back as only a nipper, but looking forward to catching a bigger one for the table.

It went dead three hours after high so called it a day, the rest of the bait will be used up somewhere local.

If you’re fishing Dungie tonight I’d say it’s worth gathering some of the shellfish up and sending it out on a ray rig, you never know ;)


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