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DAA Matches, Junior meets and Vets League.

Dear members

After careful consideration and much thought and discussion with Terry Carpenter (DAA Vets Captain and DAA Junior Captain). It has been decided to restart the various competitions as from late August 2020.

Given the current easing of government restrictions, the beaches are full to bursting point and trying to organise and run an angling competition would be a futile event before these dates.

The dates for the restart are as follows:

DAA Members Match League: Sunday 6th September, Dungeness. Boards to Power Station.

Rover, fish 12pm-4pm, HW 14:22 - 6.47m, meet at the DAA Gate

DAA Vets League: Wednesday 9th September, Littlestone wall, 2pm – 5pm

DAA Juniors:

August Sunday 23rd, meet at the Pilot car park 12:15pm-12:30pm, fish 1pm-4pm

Alex Whittlesea

DAA Chairman

DAA Match Captain.
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