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Fished near the boards from around 9pm using 2 squid on 1 rod and big chunks of cuttle on the other.
High tide came and went with the odd whiting on the squid rod.
The fog came down then around 3 am a nice little pull down and slack line resulting in my 1st codling
of the winter at 2 1/2lb. About an hour later both lines were drifting a bit close to each other so thought I'd reel in and spread them out a bit but started dragging the other rod in! A case of pulling one in and trying to wind in the slack on the other 1 which aint easy. Got them both in on the beach and walked down to find a 3 1/2 codling sitting on 1 of them. Result!
Packed up at 6am after a couple more whiting.
Nice not to be plagued by whiting only had about 6 small ones.
Both codling caught on cuttle.
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