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Hi all

24 hour session down dungeness, arrived yesterday in front of powerstation to be greeted with persistant sw wind and choppy water.

4 rods out between me and my bother, nothing all afternoon. After dark the dreaded whiting started to pester. High water was about 1.30am. About 30 mins before, we had two bass just over the lb mark one 5 mins after the other. just dropping bait (black lug) literally in surf.

Then that was it got some sleep, fished a couple of hours in the morning and packed up. Hard fishing, but at least not a total disaster. Word of advice up to you, I wouldnt waste your money on expensive peelers or sandeels etc the dunge lug is king down there and it was what we caught both bass on. Had peelers on another but they werent interested.

sorry pics are brilliant


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