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Already posted this on beginners but was told i would get even more advice in south east forums!

I am planning on going down to dungeness this Sunday and it is my first proper sea fishing session. I have had experience coarse fishing so know the basics and have been reading these forums and others for a while.

I would just like some pointers and maybe specific ones to dungeness. I have heard about the point anyone got any links to maps of how to find it? Your advice will be greatly appreciated


Hi there and welcome to the forum..

If you check out the "tags" box at the bottom of the forum page you will see all sorts of topics. The one for dungie is just a click away.

Also anything posted by gibberfish as he has very good local knowledge. There is also a link to the dungie forum on his signature.

I personally haven't fished there in years but a lot of people on here do.

Hope this helps.

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