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Hi all.

My missus and daughter are off to France for the school holidays, and whilst I am at home I am planning to get in the eagerly awaiting Dungerness and/or Dover Breakwater.

We live in Bristol (me and my mate who's going), so oppurtunities like this come very few and far between!

My questions are..

Dungerness or Dover Breakwater - which would you choose if you could only do one of them?

dungerness - my mate hasn't been for years, I read something about paying some nominal fee for parking on the beach etc?

dungerness - how far to nearest civilisation/shop?

dungerness - best place to get bait locally(ish)... or bring it with you?

dover breakwater - when and where do you get the little boat? How much? Do you need to book in advance?

We are sorely tempted to do a two trip venue! Dover first, followed by Dungerness after....

Thanks in advance

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PM Andy Cromer, the S coast mod. The breakwater is currently closed as the boat is under repair.

Re: details for dungie there is a stickie on the SE Forum.

Personally i wouldn't bother until October when the cod start to show (hopefully!).

Very hit and miss in the summer at dungie. The odd bass in daylight and a zillion pin whiting in darkness. You will be driving past better places on the way!
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