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Got to Dungie at 4pm with 1 pack of squid and 200+worms. Decided to start of fishing near the boats. While setting up i spoke to some old bloke who said he had had 5 fish since 9am, so things not looking to promising. The old bloke packed up shortly afterwards and the other fishermen nearby all said they had very little fish throughout the day.
Oh well being Team Essex and all that stuff i manage to winkle out a pin whiting, which caused a bit of a stir as the people that still fishing were fishless since I got there and had been since 12 o'clock. Then to add insult to injury I land a plaice of 31cm which is goign to be added to my species list.
Although I had 2 fish the fishing was very slow so I decided to move to the end of the road.
As I was unloading my car a couple of fishermen said the fishing wasn't brilliant but they had been catching although it was mostly small dabs and pin whiting (no change there then). Setting up some 100 yards to their right to allow for tide run I was stright into the pin whiting and small dabs.
The small stuff continued for most of the night although a sizeable pout is one lmore species for my list. Around 11ish I had my first visable bite of the night (all the other bited were hit it and see). As soon as I started winding in I knew there was something heavy onthe end of my rod. As the rig broke the water I could see a sizeable sole with a lurker of a sole following it on my bottom hook. As I was walking the pair of sole up the beach i heard a funny click noise and the end ring had fallen off and hanging on the rig. The 1st sole went 31cm, while the lurker of the sole was only 4 cms bigger but was double the width and weighed in a massive 2lbs. Both soles went back (sorry Ron) for another day.
Fish caught
whiting lots biggest 30cm
dabs lots biggest around 22cm
pout 25cm
sole x2 biggest 34cm 2lbs
plaice x2 biggest 31
doggie x1 undersize

Good report J and nice to see that you are back on form again. I am out on the boat today and hoping to get a couple to put on the specimen list. Did you get any pictures? No sole on the list yet!

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Good to see you back Jassyfa, Nice sole would have tasted superb grilled with a bit of lemon butter but respect for putting it back to fight another day.
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