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just a quick report from dungy wed night.

arrived about 7pm, wind dying right down, as was the surf. lovely colour to the water, looked like a cod should be guaranteed. me and my mate walked to the end of the boards, expecting to see a few anglers and hoping for a sensible amount of space, to our surprise there was only one angler to the left and couple more right up at the point. we jumped in the space between thinking this is too perfect :notworthy.

i was going to use one rod to fish for a live bait and another with big worm and squid or cuttle baits. first cast on the live bait rig caught a lovely little whiting, no cod took it but still encouraging. second cast got a whiting about a pound. promptly changed to fishing bait after that. half way through the session i gave it another chance, with a whiting and dog hanging off it, then a double shot of dogs. changed back to bait and gave it up as a bad idea.

the bait rod caught whiting (some big enough to take for the table) and loads of dogs. never caught so many dogs at dungy before, strange. that was it for the night, no cod, not even a sign of one. i can only put it down to the small tide or me doing something wrong.

on the up side i only got 2 line snags all night, which i pulled through so no gear loss:thumbs:.
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